Financial Destination, Inc.

Is a privately held corporation that was founded in June 2003 by Mr. William Andreoli, President & CEO. The company's headquarters are in Windham, New Hampshire, located just 30 miles north of Boston, Massachusetts. FDI has assembled a strong core management team to ensure the company's competitive edge.

William J. Andreoli

President & Founder of Financial Destination




Mike Kolinski

Vice President of Operations




Mike Randolph

Vice President of Leadership Development



Steve Schulz

Vice President of Training




Joe Craft, CFO

Chief Financial Officer



Gerald Nehra

MLM Attorney




Who is FDI?

Financial Destination, Inc., or FDI, is a multifaceted marketing company with a strong focus on telecom products and services.  Our telecom offering revolves around our proprietary voice activated and voice-to-text technology, but also includes the global FDIVoice digital telecom network as well as our national mobile network, FDIMobile.  In addition to our unique telecom service propositions, we have an array of mobile and stationary telephones and videophones available through our independent sales representatives.


A company born of an entrepreneur’s dream

 FDI is the brainchild of successful New England restaurateur and entrepreneur, William Andreoli.  Even after a dozen years with nearly as many successful restaurants, Mr. Andreoli realized that it would take something different to achieve true time freedom.  It seemed the more successful that each restaurant became, the less time freedom he had.  A networker through and through, and after years of searching for an opportunity that EVERYONE could take advantage of, he decided that the only way to do it right, was to do it himself, and on July 4, 2003, FDI was born.  In Mr. Andreoli’s words, the mission was simple yet compelling:  “I set out to build a company whose products and services not only provide our customers access to cutting edge technology and prestige, but save them money from day one… while at the same time, developing a compensation plan that would empower people, level the playing field, and put the odds in everyone’s favor to win… a place where YOU can come and build the income of your dreams...  FDI IS that company.”


The technology of tomorrow is here today

 FDI leads the charge in the communications revolution – The first to bring together the flexibility and low cost of digital phone service, our own nationwide mobile network, state-of-the-art digital mobile and stationary telephones and videophones, and wrap it all in a true voice activated and voice-to-text system, empowering productivity and saving lives.  Gone are the days of dialing phones, typing emails, and “texting” the old-fashioned way.   The power of your voice is all you need to dial, type, and text from ANY phone.


Answering the call to a national epidemic

 Over the past few years, an epidemic has emerged across America – an epidemic more widespread than many of us realize… affecting thousands of people and putting millions of lives at risk!  The dangers of text messaging and “hands on” cell phone use are REAL and just now coming to the attention of the American public.  In an effort to curb the loss of life and property damage, many states have legislated stiff fines and even jail time in some cases!  The solution, however, is NOT to turn cell phone users into outlaws, but to change the way we use our phones!  It is now possible to dial your phone, check and reply to voicemail, check and reply to email, even send text messages without touching your phone – simply with the power of your voice.   This allows drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and their eyes on the road at all times.  This technology is available today and may even enable you to cut the cost of your phone service immediately upon activation.